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Tapestry on Display

Delighted to announce that the finished Coventry Skyline tapestry will go on display at Coventry Cathedral for two weeks in January from 7 - 19 Jan 2020. On Saturday 11 Jan 10 - 15.00 we will be running a drop-in weaving workshop alongside the display. More details closer to the time.

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Sneak preview

Here is a sneak preview of a section of the finished tapestry. Details of where and when to see the finished piece will be posted here in September.

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The Weavers' Workshop Spon End

The Tapestry weave was completed with weavers from The Weavers’ Workshop. A busy, productive and enjoyable day spent weaving in their company in the garden of the Weaver’s House, Spon End. This talented group of weavers supported and volunteered with the project all the way through. We very much appreciated both their company and their expertise.

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Warwickshire Open Studios Week 2

The second week of Warwickshire Open Studios brought friends old and new to the studio to take time to weave on the tapestry. Taking part in this amazing event was a great success, I enjoyed sharing the work and my creative space as much as much as visitors enjoyed seeing it. Some visitor comments…

talk and weave’ an enlightening chat with Diane - community, creativity , and so on…. S.

Really lovely to see the whole weaving process….made me want to go away and be creative! D.

Beautiful thoughtful project. Really interesting afternoon. Learned so much! G.

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Harnall Lane

Our final visit to Harnall Lifehouse ( Salvation Army Shelter) with the travelling tapestry was an enjoyable one. We had started the tapestry with this community and were pleased to bring it back as it was nearing completion. We had a busy session with lots of engagement and made considerable progress with the weaving.

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Warwickshire Open Studios Week 1

The Bigger Weave tapestry was the focus of my first time participating in Warwickshire Open studios. Visitors enjoyed weaving out of doors, heard the story of the tapestry and enjoyed watching a presentation of all those who have woven in their thread to date. The tapestry will be on view again Sat and Sun June 29/30 from 11-4pm. Venue 74 Warwickshire Open Studios

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A Bigger Weave at Warwickshire Open Studios

I will be taking part in Warwickshire Open Studios for the first time this year. The Bigger weave tapestry frame will be on view, don’t miss the opportunity to weave in your thread. Venue 74, opening over two weekends  22,23 and 29,30 June 11 - 4pm. Click here for details

Warwickshire Open Studios is Coventry and Warwickshire's biggest free arts event with over 300 artists opening their homes and studios to the public.

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Foleshill Library

Foleshill library is a wonderful welcoming space, a branch library in one of the most deprived wards in Coventry (and in the UK). It has higher than city average populations for black and minority ethnic communities and children. It has a busy ‘extra-curricular’ offer with lots of activities for young people including laptop sessions, homework club as well as arts and crafts. It also runs sessions for adults in computing, cooking and eating well, meditation and much more. We are privileged to be part of the offer at Foleshill library and have enjoyed many community craft sessions there. Recently we took along the Bigger Weave travelling loom and as always were made very welcome.

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Weaving with elders

Two highly enjoyable and entertaining sessions weaving with Hope in Unity, a group of Caribbean elders who meet at St Paul’s Hall, Foleshill in Coventry. As well as our large travelling frame we brought some peg looms and weaving sticks, along with some extra volunteer support. Aaron Greaves from Heart of England Community Fund visited - thank-you Aaron for sharing these great photos with us.

Hope in Unity - Geraldine

Hope in Unity - Geraldine

Hope in Unity - Evadne

Hope in Unity - Evadne

Hope in Unity - Victoria

Hope in Unity - Victoria

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Weaving in the Cathedral

An inspiring day spent weaving together in the uplifting surrounds of Coventry Cathedral.  Thank you to the Cathedral staff for enabling us to be there, to volunteers from The Peace House and The Weavers’ Workshop for dedicated support and to the public who came to spend time weaving with us and shared some of their stories.  We had some great feedback as well as an enjoyable day.  

Jointly funded by The Road to 2021 (Heart of England / Coventry2021) and Coventry Umbrella Club.

The creative space.

The creative space.

The collaborators

The collaborators

Time for reflection

Time for reflection

Appliqued Stole - John Piper design.

Appliqued Stole - John Piper design.

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One-day residency in Coventry Cathedral Tuesday 7 May 10am - 3pm

Don't miss the opportunity to spend time weaving in this stunning place. We will be working on our Coventry City tapestry 'A Bigger Weave' and would welcome your help in progressing the weave.   Take time out  to work and reflect in this beautiful building. Admire Graham Sutherland's  Christ in Glory Tapestry with a renewed sense of awe having learnt a little about the tapestry weaving process.   No weaving experience needed, come and join us - we will share a few simple skills and you will be weaving in no time.

Tuesday 07 May  10am - 3pm    Free Entry

Our abstract design - Coventry’s changing skyline

Our abstract design - Coventry’s changing skyline

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7 May - Save the date!

Tuesday 7 May 2019 10am - 3pm - A one day weaving residency in Coventry Cathedral.  Drop in to Coventry’s stunning cathedral and spend a while weaving with us in this inspiring building.  Take time too to enjoy Graham Sutherland’s tapestry ‘Christ in Glory’.

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Working Together

Coming together is a beginning, keeping together is progress, working together is success. Henry Ford

A very successful session at Stoke library, Coventry . Lots of weaving together, great progress, interesting conversations and singing!

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Mindful weaving at The Healthy Practice

A relaxing and therapeutic session at Eastern Green's The Healthy Practice. Great conversations about mindfulness, relaxation and therapeutic activities coupled with great progress on the Coventry Tapestry.  We're back at The Healthy Practice next Monday 25 March 11 - 1pm - if you would like to book a place please call 024 76473146.

Thank you to Sarah of The Healthy Practice for the use of her beautiful therapy space.

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Busy session at Central Library

An extremely busy session at Coventry Central Library today with weavers two deep on occasions. Great progress on the tapestry which is starting to really take shape. Thank-you to everyone who turned up to join us.

We have a book-in session at The Healthy Practice, 131 Sutton Ave. Eastern Green on Monday 18 March 11 -1. Ring 024 76473146 to book.

Next drop-in session is at Stoke Library, Kingsway, Coventry on Tuesday 19 March 1.30 -3.30, just turn up to weave.

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Work continues apace on the City Tapestry

We enjoyed a great intervention at the heart of Coventry's Central Librarythis week.  The large scaffolding loom caused library visitors to stop in their tracks and we had interesting conversations about weaving as well as many hands taking a turn to weave and progress the tapestry.  Special thanks to members of  The Weavers' Workshop for volunteering their support.  We will be back in Central libraryagain next Tuesday (12 March 2019) 1.30 -3.30, drop by if you can.

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Opportunities to weave

Would you like to experience tapestry weaving on our travelling Navajo frame?

The design we'll be working on is a contemporary take on Coventry's developing skyline and when complete will be 1.8m wide x 1m high

The library dates shown are drop-ins however, if you'd like to join us at The Healthy Practice numbers are limited, please book in on 024 76473146

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Navajo weaving launchAt Harnall Lifehouse Coventry

Shown here we are installing and securing the Navajo warp to the scaffolding frame, transferring the design onto the warp using the cartoon as a guide, preparing the fabric to weave, and finally, settling down to weave.

We received a lot of interest from residents at Harnall Lifehouse who are interested in how the tapestry will turn out and are looking forward to getting weaving next week.


Attaching the Navajo warp to the scaffolding frame


Transferring the design marks onto the warp


Preparing the fabric for weaving


Settling down to weave

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Preparing the cartoon

A cartoon is a line drawing of a tapestry design drawn to scale.  Below pic shows the tools and preparation required for scaling up the design to the tapestry dimensions.   The cartoon lines  will be drawn onto the prepared warp threads before weaving starts.

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The Navajo Way

During Spring/Summer 2018 I am woking in collaboration with The Making Project. Together we will be working on a large community weaving project jointly funded by Coventry Umbrella Club and Coventry City of Culture Trust ‘The Road to 2021’ Fund

The looms will be large and portable taking inspiration from nomadic Navajo weavers.  The frame will be constructed from aluminium scaffolding and the tapestries woven using re-cycled fabric.

We have spent several days preparing the Navajo warp – winding, twining and binding.  See pictures below for an idea of what we have been up to.


Winding the Navajo warp


Twining the warp to secure spacing


Binding the warp onto the horizontal bar

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